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Custom FileMaker Databases

Joftech Software provides customised database development services for businesses, government and non-profit organisations. We are members of the FileMaker business alliance. With our custom designed FileMaker databases, we can save our customers time and money. The database solutions we deliver are a result of listening to our customers together with years of experience developing solutions that meet our customers needs.


Happier Employees, happier Customers, and reduced costs.

Most businesses that implemented a Workplace Innovation Platform such as FileMaker will see tangible benefits with costs going down and productivity going up. Removing out of date paper processes leads to greater efficiency, reduced costs and happier employees. The ability to share data through the business in real-time allows employees to interact with customers more effectively resulting in higher customer satisfaction.


The FileMaker Platform – Providing innovation in the workplace



Create apps that work seamlessly together on mobile devices, desktops, and the web. All users can access the latest information at the same time.


We create precisely the app you want using the intuitive graphical interface, flexible design tools. We use built-in scripts steps to automate tasks and workflows.



Centralise your information and safely access data using proven encryption standards.


Create reports on the fly, make colorful charts, build custom reports easily.





Connect to existing data and systems with live, 2-way connections to external SQL data. Integrate with other popular apps and web services through powerful REST APIs.


Securely share data with your team. FileMaker Server supports up to 500 simultaneous users on-premise. FileMaker Cloud supports up to 100 simultaneous users via the AWS Cloud.




The FileMaker Platform fits most budgets and is a great value compared to expensive enterprise applications or complex programming projects.



What are the advantages of using FileMaker.

  • User-centric development.
  • Real-time modification.
  • Project efficiency.
  • Connect to legacy systems and external technologies using REST APIs and support for external SQL data sources.
  • Out-of-the-box security
  • Built-in support for proven security standards.
  • Only a single tool is needed to create and deploy apps across mobile devices, computers, and the web.
  • FileMaker custom apps are “platform proof” — same app works across devices and gains functionality as operating systems evolve.


Custom FileMaker Databases

Examples of the data screens


Custom FileMaker Databases
Custom FileMaker Databases
Custom FileMaker Databases

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